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Free UK street address. Membership and low cost ‘Pay as you Go’ services available. Mail scanned or forwarded at a time of your choice  
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About provides a secure and responsive mail forwarding services for personal and business (sole trader only) customers to the UK and any address across the world. We can assure you that with over 40 years within the mail industry we have all the necessary experience with which to service any request you may have of us, however, we continue to learn.


The service was originally developed to satisfy the need of continuously cruising canal boats across the canal network of the UK who have the need for a permanent residential street address and the flexibility to receive their mail at differing locations as they travel across the country. Our leisure interest for may years has been the canals of the UK and we have used this knowledge, coupled with our mail industry experience, to provide a truly customer driven service. We have now developed from this base to service personal customers from all walks of life and have a substantial number of overseas customers


We offer membership for either a year, by the month or payment as items arrive (no membership fee required) and can forward your mail at a time to suit yourself be this on receipt, weekly, monthly or at any time requested. We can also open and scan contents of mail electronically and forward as part of an email or receive letters electronically for printing and sending as physical mail.


Customers can nominate one address for mail to be forwarded throughout their use of our services or, for customers who move location, we can arrange for mail to be forwarded to changing addresses, such as utilising the Poste Restante service in the UK (available at most Post Offices) where mail can be collected.


Our service also includes holding mail for customers, at no additional cost, until they wish to have the items forwarded to an address of their choice which can be particularly useful for those travelling who wish to have their mail held until returning to this country or forwarding to a particular address.


For letters/packets/parcels going destinations outside the UK, we accept items only up to 2kg in weight where no single side is longer than 60cm.


The Royal Mail Redirection service may be cheaper for forwarding mail, however, it is unable to provide a flexible or offer a tailored personal service such as ours and has a time limit on the duration of service.(3 years)